Allergy Precautions

As a courtesy to our Coop members, Voyagers will provide:

  • Clearly marked tables for members or guests who wish to eat nuts and/or shellfish, as well as tables where certain foods are not to be placed or eaten. Voyagers requests that members who eat at these tables clean their hands and the table immediately after finishing eating.
  • Postings of the current allergies in the community in and around the kitchen area.

Voyagers families and guests are asked to:

  • Avoid cooking or reheating foods with peanuts or shellfish at Voyagers.
  • Avoid bringing foods with peanuts to Voyagers if other choices are available for your family.
  • List the ingredients for foods brought to pot lucks, social events, and other activities where food will be shared. Understanding that people sometimes make mistakes in labeling, members with food allergies may wish to bring their own food to these events. Voyagers is not responsible for errors in labeling or for members who do not understand and/or follow this precaution.
  • Avoid bringing food with nuts or shellfish to shared-food events.
  • Be considerate of others while at Voyagers and are encouraged to wash their hands (and faces of little ones) before and after eating.
  • Clean their place at the table immediately after eating.
  • Wash allergen-free tables first, or use separate rags when washing tables that allow nuts and other allergens.
  • Refrain from eating in areas with upholstery or carpeting.
  • Refrain from offering any food to any child without checking with his/her parent first.
  • Refrain from wearing strong scents and perfumes, and to refrain from bringing cut flowers, essential oils, and candles to Voyagers.
  • Use unscented or low-odor cleaners at Voyagers.

In the event of an emergency, parents should call 911 immediately and notify the day administrator at once.

Current Allergies

The current critical allergens of which we are aware are:

Peanuts, tree nuts, pistachios, cashews, coconut, sesame, wheat, spelt, soy, dairy products, chocolate, eggs, chili peppers & bell peppers (fresh, jarred, & cooked), and shellfish. One member reacts critically to floral scents, particularly lilac and lavender, both real and artificial. We also have several members with allergies or sensitivities to scented products (from perfumes to cleansers).

Allergen reactions can be triggered by ingestion, physical contact, exposure to cooking fumes, and even from sitting near a dish containing the allergen. If someone in your family has a serious allergy and you would like us to add it to the posted list of allergies, e-mail

If you haven't already, please read the Voyagers Allergy Policy.

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