How to Sell Materials at the Learning Resources Fair

What Materials We Will Accept

All educational materials are welcome –- texts, full curricula, educational games, toys and puzzles, early childhood through high school, parent materials, anything you have used in your homeschool that is in usable condition. We will also accept musical instruments in good condition.

Due to space limitations, we are unable to accept sports equipment, computer hardware or furniture or other items easily sellable in a yard sale.

Drop-off and Pickup

Please allow up to 30 minutes for inspection of your materials. Consignors are required to pick up their unsold materials between 2:30 and 3:30 on the last day of the sale. If you are unable to pick up your own materials, please arrange for someone to pick them up for you. Any remaining materials will become the property of Voyagers and may potentially be sold in future sales or utilized by Voyagers in any way. Neither Voyagers nor its volunteers will be responsible for any damaged, mislabeled, or lost property or labels on items.

How to Label Your Materials

Please read and follow these directions carefully. Proper labeling will ensure you get the price you are asking for your items as well as ensure that your unsold items are returned to you. It is preferred that labels be computer printed rather than hand written. 

Prepare your items for sale – making and placing labels:

  • Open the LRF Tags (Excel) file found here.
  • Your screen should show a sheet of 15 labels.
  • Simply tab your way through the form, entering the necessary selling information.
  • Select prices for your materials. Remember, this is a used materials sale –- think eBay or garage sale prices. 1/3 of the list price is a good starting point if your materials are in good condition. Price items in even dollar amounts. If the item is not worth $1, either keep it or donate it to Voyagers. Many wonderful items have not sold in the past due to very high asking prices.
  • If you are selling sets (e.g., teacher edition, student edition, workbook), please indicate on the price line how many items are in the set ($5/set of 3).
  • Select a category from the list for your materials:
    • Arts & Music (handcrafts included)
    • Computer Science (topic specific software should be listed with that topic. Jump Start Math = Math category)
    • Critical Thinking (Logic, puzzles, games)
    • Early Childhood Education (birth to preschool materials, books, games, etc.)
    • Fiction
    • Foreign Language
    • Games & Toys (must have some educational value, please!)
    • Health & Phys. Ed.
    • Home Ec. & Industrial Arts (NO cookbooks, please)
    • Homeschooling Resources (all the how-to's and philosophies of homeschooling)
    • Language Arts (English, penmanship, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, etc.)
    • Math
    • Parenting/Child Development
    • Reference (Dictionaries, atlases, etc.)
    • Religion (materials on any widely accepted religion that are educational in nature)
    • Science
    • Social Sciences, History, Geography
    • Unit Studies
  • Print your labels. Each item will need two labels. The easiest way to produce duplicate labels is to enter a full sheet of items and then simply print two copies –- or three if you want an inventory of the items you have consigned. Do this with each set of 15 labels.
  • Place your labels on your items. WE CAN NOT SELL ITEMS WITHOUT LABELS! Labels sometimes fall off -– that’s why we need two!
  • Tape one label to the upper right corner of the outside of the front cover of your books. Tape a duplicate label in the inside front cover. Please use clear cellophane tape only. Do not use glue or double-sided tape.
  • For non-book items such as games, flash cards, manipulatives, and computer software, place the two labels next to one another.
  • To secure sets of items, large zipper-style bags work great, but please make sure everything fits inside and the bag is sealed. Place one label on the outside of the bag, the duplicate on the inside. Another option is two rubber bands.
  • NO strings, twine, rope, etc.

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