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  • January 08, 2018 9:27 AM | Greg Westland

    If you're curious if the Independent Learning Center is a good fit for your young learner, come join us on Monday, January 15th for our first Visiting Day of the new year! We will be celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. by discussing the civil rights movement, along with our usual array of courses.

    Please register here so we know you're coming!
  • December 04, 2017 11:51 AM | Melinda Stewart

    Registration is now open for the Spring ILC term.  If you are a current Voyagers member, you can register for the ILC membership along with your regular Voyagers registration.  

    If you have not yet visited and would like to, please let me know at  Visitors are welcome any Monday, Wednesday of Friday while we are in session.

  • December 04, 2017 11:50 AM | Melinda Stewart

    Hello all,

    Here are some of the upcoming free events that we have scheduled for the ILC. We will present a variety of resources

     and options for homeschooling families, from the most structured to the most free range.  We have been working to establish working relationships with programs across the country.  All are invited to join us at Voyagers, 51 Middlesex St. North Chelmsford, MA!

    1) This Friday, Dec. 8, at 3:15 pm, Oak Meadow will be visiting Voyagers to talk about their programs and about how families can work with them either at Voyagers or on their own.  Oak Meadow is a well-established correspondence and online school that offers a regionally accredited diploma option.

    2) In January we hope to host a program with Goddard College Early Entry program. This program provides a dual enrollment alternative for those who do not wish to attend a traditional brick and mortar program.

    3) In February, we plan to host an info session for North Atlantic Regional High School  This organization provides a mechanism for homeschoolers (including unschoolers) to get an accredited high school diploma.  This may be particularly useful for those homeschoolers who do not intend to attend college.

    We will have ongoing meetings regarding the Middlesex Community College and hope to welcome credit bearing courses to Voyagers in the next term.   There are other programs in the works, too!

    Melinda Stewart, ILC director

  • October 27, 2017 10:29 AM | Melinda Stewart

    We're excited to be hosting a Visiting Day for families interested in joining our program.  We have a great group of 9 kids in our pioneering group and hope to welcome more.  Start now; Start in the second term or the summer.  

    Register here so we know that you're coming!

  • October 24, 2017 3:07 PM | Melinda Stewart

    We're all looking forward to our Visiting Days on October 30 and November 13.  If you're thinking of joining us and haven't yet registered, please do! Here's the schedule for the day:

    8:30 - 10 Visitors arrive, settle in.  Games and conversation.

    10-11:30 Creative Writing Workshop with Melanie Meadors, an ILC mom and a rare person who actually makes a living doing creative writing.  She'll help the young people get started with fantasy and science fiction writing and mentor them in participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) a popular Voyagers activity!

    10-11:30 Info Session and parent questions with Melinda (Director) and Greg (Assistant Director)

    11:30 - 12:30 Spanish With Erin Heinhold, ILC teacher

    11:30 - 12:30 Mock Trial Intro with Elizabeth Hussong, Voyagers' Mock Trial Team Coach and Voyagers alum!

    12:30 - 1:30 lunch

    1:30 - 3 Computer Game design and 3D Modeling with Greg Westland, ILC Assistant Director and Voyagers alum! 

    3-3:30 - Movement for those Who Hate To Move with Marcia Coakley, ILC teacher, mom of two Voyagers alums, and professional dancer

    3:30 - 5:30 - History movie, more Computer programming, music creation, sportsball and/or socializing.  

    I hope you'll join us!

  • October 01, 2017 5:48 PM | Melinda Stewart

    told some of the kids that we'd be making vegetable soup tomorrow. I'll bring in the crock pot some vegetables and vegetable broth. Anyone who'd like to contribute is welcome. It'll be a kind of stone soup event (without the stones).  

    We'll be reading the Telltale Heart in creative writing (available free on multiple websites) and talking about mood (the literary type).

    Erin will be at in for Spanish and Marcia will be doing movement.

    We talked about Finding a book common to everyone's curriculum and doing a book discussion group. Bring your ideas. 

    I'll be available for games and writing tutoring in the morning 

    Greg will be doing his game design in the afternoon. 

  • September 24, 2017 12:14 PM | Melinda Stewart

    What a great initial 2 weeks we have had. We've got a fabulous community and some cool study groups started, of course, any day might find us indulging in a little Sportsball or a trip to the diner.


    • Computer game design
    • Creative writing 
    • Roman history
    • Movement for those who hate to move
    • Spanish 
    • Advanced German
    • Beginning German


    • Latin 1, Latin 2
    • Individual tutoring and projects


    • Voyagers Resource Center classes
    • Spanish
    • Music History 
    • Math help
    •  Writing help

    Don't you wish you were with us?

  • September 20, 2017 9:15 PM | Greg Westland

    This Friday our Music Appreciation class will be a crash course in musical comedy in the 20th and 21st centuries. Come join us from 3PM to 4:30PM as we listen to early Broadway, the parody and satire of Tom Lehrer, Dr. Demento, and Weird Al, the neo-Dadaist music of Neil Cicierega, and the genre “jesters” such as Lil Dicky and The Presidents of the United States of America! We’ll talk about the inherent relationships between music and humor and the specific techniques these artists use to convey their message (or lack thereof).

    Greg Westland, ILC Assistant Director

  • September 18, 2017 11:30 PM | Melinda Stewart

    What a great time we've had this week!  We're starting to settle in and today we were pretty busy.  We started with some games, Brahms' German Requiem and a little Jazz at the piano.  Here's what the rest of the day looked like:

    • 10 AM Creative Writing Workshop
    • 11 AM Restorative Yoga 
    • 12 lunch
    • 12:30 Roman History
    • 1:30 Greg's programming and game creation workshop

    I understand that Marcia did a very silly chair movement class with all the gamers.  

    Wednesday morning is our next day and I'll be working with kids individually on writing and teaching Latin 1 at 11:30.  Latin 2 at 1. Greg will be doing something fun and creative ( we can count on him for that)!  

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