Independent Learning Center Fee Structure

Prices for Fall 2017

  Full Membership Partial Membership
 Base price $3000 $1750
 Payment plan price 4 @ $775 4 @ $450

Our preferred form of payment is by check. There will be a surcharge for using PayPal in order to cover our costs.

The base price is for payment in full received by September 25, 2017. 

Payment Plan

The due dates for the Payment Plan are as follows:

September 25

October 11

November 3

December 4

If you choose our payment plan, please submit postdated checks for each of the payment dates at the time of registration.

Joining partway through the term

Payment for members joining after October 6 will be prorated based on the Payment Plan pricing from the table above.

 Joining afterFirst payment due 
 October 6 October 23 
 November 3 November 20 
 December 4 January 2


Refund Policy

A partial refund is available to members leaving in good standing. Refund amounts are based on the date on which the member withdraws from the program. 

Families using the Payment Plan are not eligible for a refund. Families using the payment plan are not responsible for any additional payments scheduled for dates after their child withdraws from the program.

Refunds are do not apply to members leaving the program due to violations of the Code of Conduct.

 Leaving beforeRefund on Full Membership  Refund on Partial Membership
 October 6 $2225 $1325
  November 3 $1500 $875
 December 4 $775 $450

Visit Us

We are located in the Chelmsford Mills complex at 51 Middlesex Street in North Chelmsford, MA. Our entrance is from the Chelmsford Mills parking lot at the corner of Princeton St. and Gay St. For help finding us, call 978-656-8192.


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