Parent Participation

Running a cooperative is a joint effort that works best when everyone is involved. There would be no cooperative, no community, no shared programs for our children without everyone's active and consistent participation. Therefore, Voyagers is not a drop-off program. For the cooperative to function, we need active participation. While parents do stay busy at Voyagers Coop, there is still plenty of adult social time! We like to sit together and talk, knit, share interests, and just get to know one another better. Many, many Voyagers parents have developed and continue to develop deep, lasting friendships with one another.

Regular, every-day participation at Coop includes:

  • Remaining on-site at Voyagers whenever your children are at Voyagers. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children while at Voyagers.
  • Leading or assisting study group(s) and/or other activities.
  • Helping with daily building clean-up.
  • Supervising young children playing outside.
  • Helping or supervising younger children while their parents lead study groups.

Organization-wide participation:

Parents are also expected to take on a coop-wide role such as: day admin, programming admin, joining the Board of Directors, helping with facilities management, membership coordination, book keeping, responding to email/online inquiries from the general public, helping with Resource Center events, organizing Teen & Tween social events, etc.

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66 Princeton St.
North Chelmsford, MA 01863

Use the Chelmsford Mills entrance and parking lot.

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